DESIGNPENS is a division in Bag for Good, a European innovation company with headquarters in Denmark.

About us

The core philosophy of Bag for Good and DESIGNPENS are innovation, with strong business ethics, towards our employees, our close partners and our people who create our products.

Bag for Good set high standards to ensure a quality in work life.
And our aim is to keep raising the bars and preserve the positive awareness towards our company and our brands.

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DESIGNPENS are produced in modern facilities located in Europe.

Our mission is to create a pen that people would notice and be inspired to write with, and it’s impeccable and long lasting quality. This has been key to our success.

This writing experience is now available to be a customised and unique pen in any color that a brand or campaign requires. As we say: ”The act of writing, is thinking on paper”.

DESIGNPENS not only deliver an excellent writing experience, but can also extend excellence in line with your brand.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility):
Our CSR is of utmost importance with all the products we deliver. From the environment, working conditions and complying with legal regulations, we ensure that we operate at best practices for our industry.

We apply due diligence and take responsibility in ensuring that the whole chain of supply meets our standards and conditions along with our clients needs. The demand for sustainability is higher than ever, and we are always working at the forefront with the latest standards.

We pride ourselves in giving the best advice to meet your needs.

We will take the time to discuss your production requirements, standards and corporate guidelines.

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